About Us

Quick Temp began in 1994 by Rod McGee. Rod’s talent, knowledge, and commitment to customer service vaulted Quick Temp into a growing HVAC provider.  The rapid growth presented administrative challenges and in July 2022, Quick Temp was acquired by Thermal Specialties, LLC.

Today, Quick Temp is proud to maintain a full-service HVAC fleet in the Tulsa metropolitan area. Quick Temp specializes in servicing residential & commercial applications and provides new construction services. These services include HVAC system design, preventative maintenance, on-demand service, and overall system support. Quick Temp’s goal is to provide rapid and reliable, service to its customers. Referrals have been the primary factor in our growth, and we will do everything possible to maintain our clients’ confidence and trust.

Our company’s core is our valued employees. We try to treat our team as we want to be treated. We believe if we seek out the best talent in the industry, treat them with respect, and ensure they understand the importance of caring for customers as family, it will result in our team’s success.

Quick Temp’s parent company – Thermal Specialties – operates several diverse companies including a General Contractor (Commercial & Residential) – Renovation & Construction Services, LLC , a Polished Concrete and Epoxy Flooring business – Hawkeye Custom Concrete, LLC,  and an interior design firm Upside Interiors. Thermal’s core business is Industrial – Commercial Heat Treating, Industrial Insulation, and Industrial Furnace Construction and Maintenance.  

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