Heating System Installation

Is your current heating system too old to keep your house warm throughout the cold winters? Or do you need a heating system installed in your new home? Quick Temp is your neighborhood’s go-to heating installation service provider and consultant. We can help you discover the right solution for your residential and commercial needs, from new heating equipment installation to maintenance and repair.

Our Residential & Commercial Heating Installation Services in Tulsa

Replacement of Existing Heating System

An outdated or improperly fitted heating system endangers your indoor air quality and, as a result, your health. Even if it’s tough to tell when your heating system is about to fail, some frequent warning indicators include an HVAC age of approximately 20 years, problems managing temperature, rising energy bills, and so on. If you are experiencing any of these issues, it is time to replace your heating system.

Heat Pump Installation

By using our heat pump installation services in Oklahoma, you can stay warm all year long while saving money on your electricity costs. We will assist you in selecting the best-suited, energy-efficient solution based on your budget, ductwork, and comfort requirements. Take advantage of our heat pump installation service in your area to ensure a long unit lifespan.

Ductless Heating Installation

Ductless heating systems are smaller, more energy-efficient, and quieter than central HVAC systems. These systems are appropriate for properties without ducting or for houses and spaces with separate cooling and heating needs for each room.

Furnace Installation & Replacement

Furnaces break down exactly when you need them the most, and huddling under a blanket on cold, damp Oklahoma evenings isn’t the solution. Utilize our service to take a proactive approach to the health of your furnace. Our professionals will advise you on the most cost-effective furnace replacement and installation choices.

What Can You Expect From Our Heating Installers?

When you hire us, you can expect our heating installers near you to be at your door within the shortest time. We ensure the clean installation of your HVAC system which means we don’t discharge pollutants into the air, seep natural gas into the house, or cut and drain lines unnecessarily. We ensure that we don’t bring germs into your house. We haul away and dispose of contaminants or any mess correctly. Once the installation is complete, we will go through a checklist to ensure that your HVAC is working optimally, the airflow is strong, etc. before leaving.

Why Hire Quick Temp for Heating Installation in Oklahoma?

The perfect heating system for your home or commercial space begins with an expert HVAC team. When you avail of Quick Temp’s heating system installation or any other service, you get NATE-certified technicians who can handle the diagnosis, repair, replacement, and maintenance of your HVAC system according to EPA guidelines. With us, you get prompt, reliable, and most importantly, affordable services that keep your heating system working efficiently.

FAQ on Heating Installation Solutions

Heat installation is the process of outfitting your house or business with a network of ducts, wiring, and HVAC gear, as well as associated meters that circulate heat within. Quick Temp is one of the most reputable heating installation businesses in Oklahoma.
It is not impossible, but it is not advised. While installing the air handler and condenser unit is simple, setting up the refrigerant line and correctly arranging the pieces requires the assistance of a professional. If you are seeking for heat pump installation in your area, please contact us at (257) 563-7401 .
A heat pump should ideally be put in a shady location, away from direct sunshine. It's also crucial to keep it free from foliage, which might obstruct ventilation.
Heat pumps may appear to be a costly alternative to install, but in the long term, heat pumps save you money on energy costs, are a safe solution with no gas leak hazards, and require no maintenance. As a result, they are an excellent solution for both households and businesses.
Ductless mini-splits are the most affordable heating alternative since they need less effort than heat pumps and are easy to install.
Standard heat pumps can range in price from $10,000 to $20,000. However, with gas furnaces, the cost drops to $2250 to $3600. Ductless mini-split heat pumps can range in price from $3000 to $5000 per zone.

Furnace Replacement: What to Consider

If you’ve chosen to replace your furnace, here are a few things to consider while selecting a new furnace:
A new furnace is a significant investment. The good news? Any new furnace you install in your house will be far more energy-efficient than your current unit. That means your new furnace will reduce your heating expenses for the duration of the equipment's lifespan, which will help cover the initial installation cost.
Before you purchase a new furnace, consider where it will go in your home. Installing it in the exact location of your previous furnace makes sense. Still, suppose you're upgrading from an electric furnace to a gas furnace. In that case, the former site may not allow for efficient venting. Suppose you've added to your house or wish to extend heating to previously unheated spaces like a garage. In that case, you can install any additional ductwork you might want.
If your present furnace breaks down, you may question if it's time for a replacement. However, replacement should not be your first option. If your furnace is only a couple of years old and it is the first time it has failed, fixing it is the preferable option. However, if it is older and not performing as well as it should, look for any of these signals that repair is no longer the best option.
Your furnace is unlikely to quit operating on its 15th birthday. However, in our experience, this is about the time when furnaces begin to have more issues. Parts start to wear down, energy-saving features become less efficient, and furnaces that had previously performed flawlessly require more maintenance and repairs. For these reasons, we recommend you start considering a new furnace when your current one is around 15 years old – even if you don't need one yet. Beginning before it's necessary allows you to consider the size and style of heater you want and spend accordingly.
Suppose you observe substantial temperature changes between areas as you travel around your house. In that case, it might mean your furnace is losing its capacity to circulate heat correctly. Begin by ensuring that there are no leaks in your ductwork. If there are no breaches, it may be time to replace the furnace.
Because furnaces circulate a lot of air, they frequently produce noise. However, popping, rattling, screaming, clicking, booming, or any other strange or loud sound indicates that something isn't operating correctly.
As your furnace's efficiency declines, it must work more to heat your house, which might result in more significant energy expenditures. If your utility expenses are continually rising, it may be time to replace your furnace.
A furnace repair should be expected sometimes. Parts might become blocked or damaged by debris, while others can wear out with time. However, replacing your furnace becomes a far better financial decision as repairs become more regular and expensive.

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